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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality translation and interpretation services to clients in the Tucson area and beyond. Quality and accuracy during important communications are essential to your family’s safety and your business’ success. Working with a trained and certified translator/interpreter is the only way to ensure you receive the very best language products and services.

Our Founder

Morgan Lange founded Azuli Language Solutions, LLC with the mission of connecting people and bridging the gap between folks who don’t speak the same language.

People are always amazed at how smoothly things go when working with a professional, qualified interpreter/translator. They feel included, they feel heard, and they feel confident that the person they’re communicating with understands exactly what they’re trying to say.

By providing certified translation and interpretation services, we take pride in successfully connecting attorneys to clients, healthcare providers to patients, businesses to customers, and organizations to the communities they serve, one word at a time.

Morgan received her training and certifications in Tucson, Arizona, at Pima Community College and the University of Arizona, where she earned degrees in Translation & Interpretation Studies, Spanish, and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

Morgan is a legal interpreter certified through the Arizona Supreme Court, which qualifies her to perform legal interpretation, as well as provide certified translations for legal purposes. She also specializes in scientific and technical writing, editing, and translation/interpretation thanks to her strong background in science and research, particularly in the environmental sciences.